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This is me...


AKA that smiley tall girl who talks a lot (no shame… just don’t get me talking about Ross and Rachel, or I’ll never stop). I’m the type who could dump a whole can of pineapple on my pizza, and probably the most enthusiastic* story teller you’ve ever met. *Note: read enthusiastic as, “I’m about to talk about this thing for the next 20 minutes, so you should probably take a seat." I’ve also recently learned to love black coffee, which I’m going to consider my right of passage into adulthood. I’ll take my participation ribbon now, please. My Mom always tells me my stories “take too long to tell,” but I know that there’s no such thing. But she’s probably right about literally everything else. 

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I'm Sydney!

Hey there, 

So, why photography?

Photography has always been a huge passion of mine; I think it all stemmed from those long-winded stories I love to tell. *Warning, cliche phrase coming up…* I know they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and to me, EVERY moment in your story is important. Some of those moments will make you smile, some will make you cry, and (let’s be real) most of the time life is a combination of both; you know, those good ol’ laugh-til-you-cry, or crying-so-hard-there’s-mascara-running-down-your-face-and-now-it’s-kinda-funny-so-you’re-laughing moments. There is no such thing as a story that takes too long to tell (sorry, Mom…) but rather, stories that are bursting with moments that deserve to be told - and I can't wait to tell yours!

These are a few of my

favourite things...

When I’m not behind the lens, you can find me munching on some pub food and craft beers with my boyfriend Andy (deep fried pickles are the way to my heart), listening to the newest episode of the Stuff You Should Know podcast, jamming out to Taylor Swift (#swiftieforlife), or running off to Victoria for weekend getaways. I've watched the entire series of Friends way too many times to count, and I wholeheartedly believe in stopping at every view point on road trips. Before I photographed weddings and people, I was a landscape photographer, capturing nature and urban scenes around Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. I'm still awestruck by the incredible views we have around the Lower Mainland, and I'm continually inspired by landscapes even in my wedding and portrait work! 

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